Hi all,
There's an 80's high energy/club tune with female vocals that I've been chasing for many years.
I originally heard it, and saw a small part of the video clip to the song, in a UK documentary on club music. That was back in 1990 or 1991. I think the song was sung by an African American female singer.
And if I recall correctly the documentary also featured Shannon - Let The Music Play.
All I could vaguely remember was the very first part of the chorus which I believe went "where are they now, you don't have to worry about today .... "

The other day I found that the same melody and almost same lyrics were used/sampled/covered in 1991 song Check Out by Ex-Plain.
You can here the exact same melody and same/similar lyrics here:

Please have a listen to the YouTube clip and see if you know the original song that this came from.