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Thread: Marco Dionigi AterEg0 Verona 1991

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    Default Marco Dionigi AterEg0 Verona 1991

    Number 7 is one of my favorites .. First because the two sides of the cassette were recorded - live - directly in 2 different nights.
    In this way you can savor the real atmosphere of those times.
    Secondly, because it was the beginning and the preparation of what we wanted to do - AFTER - that is Slow Motion.
    It is midnight on a Saturday.
    It is 1991.
    People are entering in numbers.
    And I have to prepare the track for the great Maestro PIERO FIDELFATTI. And in the meantime I dream of being the head of the console.
    It was the beginning. :-)

    Above message from Dionigi Soundcloud..

    I've just really discovered these sets. Amazing.

    He has been prolific at recording and mastering his sets.

    Here's one with mysteries. number 7

    1/ Eve Gallacher Love Come down Psychedelic Sanyasan dub
    2/ Sheer Taft Cascades Brain Machine Mix
    3/ 9'13 Balearic breakbeat track that is very familiar HELP
    4/ Little Axe Another Sinful Day
    5/ Little Axe Dayton
    6/ Same track as 9'13 (maybe!) It goes into a track sampling Stone Fox Chase.
    I think it is all the one track? HELP
    7/ System7 Freedom Fighters
    8/ Chris & Cosey Spring of Life
    9/ Eagles Prey Tonto's Drum , at 33rpm
    10/ 42'40 Precussive groove Same percussion as Innocence Natural Thing HELP
    Is Propaganda Give me Words
    11/ 46'43 "Just Like that" breakbeat balearic ??? HELP
    12/ Simple Simon You gotta regard (Mantronix)
    13/ 52'30 James Brown Balearic track "trains" ??? HELP
    14/ 55'35 Another Balearic belter piano and breakbeat. HELP

    3,6,10,11,13,14 Are the mysteries....

    Cheers all. Hope you enjoy the set.
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    Propaganda Give me words (beats mix)
    Is at 42 mins
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