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Thread: Montanari Victis 1990

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    Default Montanari Victis 1990

    Another master mix from Ricky

    Rave Busters Rave Banging
    343 ????
    700 Dream2science Liquid
    820 Omniverse Never get enough
    1450 Fast Eddie Make Some Noise
    17.10 Deskee Dance Dance Dance
    2100 Ceybil Love so special
    26 Pal Joey Runaway
    2940 2Raw We got the funk
    3120 Optik The Chance
    36 Pal Joey The Dance
    3940 Club Idol Bus Stop Bonus call
    43 Doug Lazy HOUSE
    Organ acapella
    This is one of my most wanted holy grails.
    Is on a few riviera sets
    4530 Rhythmatic Demons Raw mix
    5116 Kenny Larkin We Shall Overcome
    5338 3 Generations Gett Off
    5819 ????

    One of my most wanted is on here.
    The little organ solo.

    Can also be heard here

    In between Terrace and Steel Grey
    Any help with other 2, as always, much appreciated

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    44.52 = it's the screaming pipes version of
    Also used in a lot of Gemolotto and Leo Mas sets of end 1990/beginning 1991

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    Awe LVDM thanks!!!!!

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    Yes the YouTube clip is Gemolotto

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    at 3.43 is
    last track on the tape (starts around min60.00) is on the album
    (have it on white label, so not sure of the title -> 4th track of B side WAF4LP)

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    Wow!! Your knowledge is insurmountable. Cheers

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