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Thread: RTR FM Perth 93-95 Trance Techno Hardcore

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    Default RTR FM Perth 93-95 Trance Techno Hardcore

    Hello again,
    I have 3 other tunes i have been trying to identify::4 are Listed since one is known but hard to find.
    That one is actually named by the D.J. at the start, but i see no trace of it on the net at all, so wondered if anyone else was familiar with it.
    The other three are unidentified, except i'd guess they are from 1993-1995 roughly.
    Any help would be fantastic.
    Thanks again to Bunkerheadz for the help with the previous one.
    I have listed the youtube links below. NEW !!!! NEW !!! ->Solved - Gwen 'n Ginger - I Can See The Stars
    - - What does the voice say at 44 seconds into the tune??? = Blu Peter - James Has Kittens

    I just listed them tonight on youtube, so they might take a minute to come up.
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    ez m8, dont know them but I adjusted your topic name, so people will know what your looking for, where its from, year and style.

    When you create another thread do it like this, more views for sure since people see if it is in their field of expertise

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    Looks like youtube identified the last tune all by itself.
    It posted the name in the read more section, which i hadn't checked.

    James Has Kittens
    Blu Peter
    Tell Me What You Want
    Licensed to YouTube by
    MRC, INgrooves (on behalf of React), and 1 Music Rights Societies

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    The same magic happened for me very recently.
    A tune I've been trying to get ID'd from 1992 (from the De Ja Vu '92 Rave, in Perth) only recently appeared in the "Show More" section of the associated Youtube video.
    Youtube must use a similar algorithm to Shazam. ???
    So I'm beginning to think that it might be worth while uploading unknown tunes to YouTube and then checking the "Show More" section after a few days, or weeks or whatever. I might start doing that with my long running unsolved ID's.

    That first one, played by Ben Stinga on Strictly Rhythm, could be one of the mixes of Yabba - Sensuality
    It's not the Meow Mix so it might be the Andrew Sonic's Cyber Rave Mix.

    There's also a fairly new Facebook page started up for the 90's Perth Rave (and club) scene. A lot of the Perth DJ's from that era are members too. Not sure if Ben is on there though.
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    well thanks very much for that.,
    You got further than i ever did.
    I couldn't even find Yabba anywhere., and that info is something to go on.
    I agree about uploading to youtube for id's and plan to do all future inquiries first before hasssling anyone on the forums.
    I had youtube also solve anther one i was ready to ask about since it flagged it immediately for copyright.
    The track (Marmion - Firechild), also taped off Radio,which i asked about around Perth, playing to people at Central station and Dadas, but no one was sure what it really was at the time (probably too new).

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    Can anybody please help with this one, from the very same radio show/set.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachabinky View Post
    Can anybody please help with this one, from the very same radio show/set.?
    I just searched Discogs using '1994' and 'I can see the stars' and this came up at the top of the list :
    Not sure if its the one you're after.

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    Yes- it is!!
    Thanks so much for that-i really appreciate it.
    I tried google with as many words of the song as i could type in (no luck), but didn't know about discogs search.
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