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Thread: Dj Edgar Castagneto @ prime cuts La mixtape 1997

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    Default Dj Edgar Castagneto @ prime cuts La mixtape 1997

    Hi guys hope everyones had a nice xmas? Im sorry but I have no idea of any of the tracks on this one. I've spent the best part of a day trying to ID the tracks on this and so far I'm not having any luck what so ever here. Tried the usual tactics, also I tried shazam but its giving the wrong bloody ID'S. Pain in the arse it is. Anyway the first track is familiar, heard it before somwhere but can't quite put my finger on it. Links below, so just click on link and the tune will play that i'm wanting the id for thanks.
    If anyone knows any other tracks on here, please pop them down if ya will, be great thanks.

    Hope the new year is a better one for everyone.
    Take care people and have a good one.
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