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Thread: Jungle tracks from 1995 x 3

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    Default Jungle tracks from 1995 x 3

    Originally posted in the hardcore section along with some older tracks which were more hardcore but here are a few jungle tunes I've been wondering about since digging out some old tapes...

    Tape was recorded from ChoiceFM (Birmingham) jungle show back in june 1995

    #1 - has the sample "ooh babbaaaaaaaayyyyyy"

    #2 - same show, not sure if part of same track, seems to flow from it and seems too good to be mixed in? pretty sure I should know what it is as famous baseline and typical amen sample but it evades me...

    #5 - jungle track, it seems to be very much like Easymen DJ SS, Brandy sample, but it is different... maybe a prerelease version, and again not sure if the last part is even same track?

    Many thanks to anyone who can ID
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Delight View Post
    #1 = (DJ Harmony Remix)

    #2 - Know it but can't rmrmber atm

    #5 = (Remix 1)

    This lasts for 30 secs,then another tune comes in, which again I can't think of atm
    They've been solved in this thread:

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