Firstly, and most importantly - !!!! THE FIVE DAY RULE !!!! -

Wait 5 days before bumping your ID so that everyone gets a fair chance. If ya ignore this oh-so simple rule(s), your thread will be locked, removed for repeat offenses and could even result in a ban from this forum.

Please don't bump other users before five days have passed. This too can result in penalties. . .

Shazam - Dont be lazy and try using Shazam or similar tune id'ing software first.
chances are big that especially with post '00's music its to be ID'ed with such software.

Now, to the guidelines :-D

Ways to get your IDs sorted more quickly:

1. MP3 clip wherever possible, a decent length one if possible as well, as short clips often dont help and sometimes they are mixed into another tune which can also make things more difficult. 30 seconds is usually enough.

2. Year of track, whether when you heard it or when you think it was played. Very helpful for us track spotters

3. DJ/Artist who played the track when you heard it, or even the event you heard it at, also very useful info.

4. Style in the title / Header, it saves us listening to something we definately wont know. Dont use all caps!

5. Create links. Read the forum codes and create a link to your files in order to avoid broken links and typographical errors. Plus, cutting and pasting is a hassle.

6. Stop BUMPING your thread every hour or day, give other people a fair chance as well to get their unknowns ID'ed, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS AN UNKNOWN TUNE ID'ed!
Also instead of replying and at the same time illegal bumping other users their posts with useless comments like ''BOMB!!!!!!!'' or ''NEEEDDDDD IT TOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!'' use the NOTIFY button on the top left of the post, repeated offenders face a ban..

7. No multiple posting, if you have 5 unknowns put 'm all in one thread, not 5 separate threads. Dont post the same unknown in yet another thread.

8. Don't delete IDed tracks. When an unknown is ID'ed leave the link, don't remove it, other people can benefit from it later.

9. Its a free service, we help each other, we dont give rewards for an unknown, give your 50 Euro reward to a homeless person or charity..

10. When you're done put SOLVED in your topic title and don't forget to thank those that took the time to help you.

11. When you desire a tracklist always make a first attempt yourself, others will fill in the blanks in along the way..

Use Shazam, Soundhound or any other audio ID app to first find tracks yourself, put some effort in it, just like the people who will help you out, thx!

DJ Whatever @ Rave - Radio etc 1998:

[00:00.00] Artist - Trackname
[00:03.52] Artist - Trackname
[00:08.20] Artist - Trackname
[00:12.50] ?
[00:16.53] Artist - Trackname
[00:20.14] ?
[00:23.20] ?
[00:28.30] ?
[00:30.29] Artist - Trackname
[00:36.50] Artist - Trackname
[00:45.05] Artist - Trackname (??? Remix)
[00:49.00] ?
[00:53.30] Artist - Trackname
[00:57.35] ?

12. Dont give vague clues or half mysterious hints, simply tell whats the unknown cuz thats what an user is here for after all, not another puzzle to solve

13. Keep topic names short but with all the info needed, that way we dont have overlapping texts when we open a thread..

Unnecessary & useless titles:

1. Saying your IDs are for "experts only or VERY HARD TO IDENTIFY."
2. Saying you "really really need this."
3. Saying "help!!!!!" in any way. We are all here to help, you don't have to ask for it extra.
4. Saying "Rare or Unknown". Its not rare, you simply just dont know it, sure its unknown, otherwise ya wouldnt be here
5. Saying ''ID Please!!!''
6. "Help me :-) 17 Track's"
7. "Anyone Identify these tunes ??"
8. "(Youtube video track ID)"
9. "Techno !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
11. ''long thread names with unnecessary info, keep the titles short but with all key info needed.''
12. ''Bomb or whatever phrase is hot atm''

Good titles:

1. "96-99 Trance, Progressive house, Euro House"
2. "hard trance 99"
3. "80s, Italo, Disco, Funk, Synthpop etc..."
4. "DJ Whateverhisnamemaybe @ NamethatRave 1991"
5. "Radiostation Country Year DJ"
6. ''2020 Techno Holland''


If an ID has been solved, and you want to provide links to point directly to the solved ID. Please post Discogs Release Page Links before considering external links such as youtube, soundcloud, dailymotion, mixcloud etc. Discogs Release Pages are usually permanent whereas external links are often taken down or removed for various reasons. Some of the time uploaded youtube and other external music sites' videos are not always accurate. NOTE: Of course links are not compulsory. Artist and Release Name/Track Title is sufficient for a solved ID. However, since Discogs is a music database, we should take advantage of it and always try to provide a Release Page Link above any other external link. The only exception is when a release hasn't been submitted into the database yet and so direct linking to external websites is absolutely necessary.