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Thread: Psycho Pab - Seraph Musical Messenger DJ Mix

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    Default Psycho Pab - Seraph Musical Messenger DJ Mix

    I've put together a tracklist for Psycho Pab - Seraph Musical Messenger and wondered if anyone could ID the 8 unknown tracks?:

    A6 (flute melody over breaks)

    A8 (vocals "you only run down here" over breaks)

    A14 ('80s electro)

    B9 (80s hip hop)

    B10 (90s breaks)

    B15 (90s breaks)

    B23 (breaks)

    B27 ('80s hip hop)

    Many thanks in advance!

    A.1 –Psycho Pab Playtime
    A.2 –Unknown Artist Ring A Ring O' Roses
    A.3 –Placebo (2) Balek
    A.4 –Siobhan Fahey Hear Me Now
    A.5 –Elvis Costello & The Attractions (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
    A.6 –Unknown
    A.7 –Siobhan Fahey Psychosomatic
    A.8 –Unknown
    A.9 –Rare Force The Rip Off
    A.10 - Quannum - Changed my Mind (Psycho Pab Remix)
    A.11 –Wool (4) Love, Love, Love, Love, Love
    A.12 –Lori Carson Petal
    A.13 –The Jackson 5 Hum Along And Dance
    A.14 –Unknown
    A.15 –Kasso Key West
    A.16 –Tantra (2) A Place Called Tarot
    A.17 - Radiohead Creep (Acoustic)
    B.1 –Psycho Pab Message For Seraph
    B.2 –John Keating Prelude To Earthrise
    B.3 –Aphrodite's Child The Four Horseman
    B.4 –The Millennium Prelude
    B.5 –The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Talk About The Blues
    B.6 –Blossom Dearie I Like London In The Rain
    B.7 –MC Lyte Cha Cha Cha
    B.8 –Ozomatli Cut Chemist Suite (Cut's Remix) Remix – Cut Chemist
    B.9 –Unknown
    B.10 –Unknown
    B.11 –Jane Birkin Jane B.
    B.12 –Janne Schaffer Postman's Knock (Ryska Posten) Vocals [Uncredited] – A' Side
    B.13 –Radiohead Creep (Acoustic)
    B.14 –Grand Funk Railroad I Can Feel Him In The Morning
    B.15 –Unknown
    B.16 - Beastie Boys - Time To Get Ill
    B.17 –Material Reduction
    B.18 –John Keating Prelude To Earthrise
    B.19 –Et Cetera Lady Blue
    B.20 –Ramsey Lewis Les Fleurs
    B.21 –The Art Of Noise Moments In Love
    B.22 –Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Some Velvet Morning
    B.23 –Unknown
    B.24 –Liquid Liquid Cavern Remix – Cut Chemist Thanks Illicopresto
    B.25 –The B-Boys Rock The House
    B.26 –Strafe Set It Off
    B.27 –Unknown
    B.28 –Push / Pull - Zanzibar Thanks BUNKERHEADZ
    B.29 –Rick Jones (6) Bang On A Drum Speech [Uncredited] – Liberace
    B.30 –Judy Garland Over The Rainbow
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    I deleted the other 2 post (multiposting) and moved the thread here as it its the most fitting style wise.

    Links aint working btw, check the urls please, thx

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    Thanks BUNKERHEADZ, links are now working.

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