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Thread: Nobody’s Solving The Problem!

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    Default Nobody’s Solving The Problem!

    Hi Everyone
    Looking for a oldskool hardcore 91-94 that’s uses Lisa Stansfields People Hold On,
    The vocals are…Everybody's looking for a meaning
    Everybody's doing their own thing
    And nobody's solving the problem

    I keep on going back to Nookie Give a little love 94 lick, that also sampled People Hold On,

    I have found a Happy Hardcore track on youtube from 97 that has the vocals I’m after, Vocals start at 1.30 The name incase link don’t work is Who Done it - People Hold on

    The same vocals also appear on Original Sin - Stronger at 1.17 for any DNB fans, Thanks for taking time to look!

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    is this the same track you are looking for?

    I dont know the name, im after an ID too
    most wanted IDs -

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    Quote Originally Posted by brady View Post
    is this the same track you are looking for?

    I dont know the name, im after an ID too
    This particular tune is Frankie Bones off this (the AA track)

    The only other tune I can think of that uses the vocal in the manner described is a Hardcore Breakbeat one I made in late 2015 that I never released but featured on a mix I did in 2017 that I can't imagine would have circulated around the Internet much, so I highly doubt it's THAT!

    Beejay1210 - do you have any audio of said tune you're looking for, or any idea as to what year/set/particular style it is?! If not are there any particular distinguished features within the tune you can describe to help narrow it down?

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