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Thread: 20 year search for this big beat/hip hop/breaks tune heard in 1999...

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    Default 20 year search for this big beat/hip hop/breaks tune heard in 1999...

    Hi folks, 1st post here. Please tell me if I'm stepping on any toes as I'm completely new to posting in forums. I'm hoping to be able to help fellow trainspotters out in the future and get this ID'd too...

    Here goes: it's a tune I used to hear played out regularly by the resident DJ in a club called Nutonik, Birmingham, UK, in 1999/2000. I've been searching for it unsuccessfully ever since. I once heard a snippet of it at the end of one of those TV adverts for dodgy dance compilations that were so popular in the 90s, so I know it's not a completely obsure white label or whatever... It must have had a proper release.

    It was kind of a hip hop tempo breaks tune with a huge electronic bassline and old fashioned female jazz singer style vocals (possibly french?). I've no idea what the lyrics were.

    I've hastily bashed together a few bars I remade from memory for you good people to listen to.

    Bear in mind that in bars 5 and 7 the high pitched melody I've put in was actually female vocals singing
    "la-la-la-la-la-laaaa", and that was basically the song's hook.

    Any suggestions welcome. I just hope that when/if I get it successfully Id'd I still like it as much as I did back then... Please help!
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