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Thread: ID Melody - Classic Underwater / Dreamy Melody (Carl Cox Tune)

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    Default ID Melody - Classic Underwater / Dreamy Melody (Carl Cox Tune)

    Hi Everyone,
    I could really use some help on this one.
    I am looking for where I can find a loop of this melody in this track, Carl Cox is playing or
    what the name of the chords/ synths are being used to create the melody..

    It's in the back ground of this track playing, & would describe it was an underwater melody or a dreamy ambient melody..
    'Where could I possibly find this to create or buy.
    Any input is greatly appreciated..
    Thanks in advance - Paul

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    Please Help!

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    reminds me of jam & spoon - stella

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    It kinda sounds like a barbara brown / misstress barbara primary track. It has the hi hats she uses. I messaged her on Twitter about it

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