Was directed from folk at Gearslutz.com to this page, hope some one will be able to help!

Please help me ID a late 90s (98-99?) house track that I just cannot find anywhere. OK, here goes...

Kind of underground house but I wouldn't call it deep, more of mainstream elements but with some kind of twist... lots of effects
Female singer, powerful voice
I'm guessing 130-ish BPM, lots of stuff going on with drums, metalic effects, riser-synths Basement Jaxx-style
Built around a short funk/disco brass sample off vinyl, this is what makes the track stand out, I guess.
909 open hihat sample tuned fairly high, to my recollection
Female lyrics (approx.) as follows:

Wannabe with you, wanna be with you, wanna be with you … (etc.)
Hold …
On tight
Wanna be with you
Better make it sexual
On tight
Wanna be with you
So give me that honey

Any tips of title + artist greatly appreciated.