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  1. 1st track that samples event horizon maybe USA...

    1st track that samples event horizon maybe USA or French release
  3. Dj sass I'd at north tomorrow's world 1998

    1st track the dark inside me

    I'll even pay for this I'd any help would have my up mat respect
    Rip sass
  4. Event horizon sample darkcore track between September 97 and June 98 no later.dark

    1st tune please please help. Its sounds like industrial drum n bass. With a kick.. Any body know it.
    Respe ct
  5. Ice t the tower instrumental on a battle record tho ???

    As the sample from Friday with ice cube right before the tower by Ice t instrumental you got knocked the fuck out man

    I'm a losing the plot ?? Help me

  6. Replies

    Battle break record ? Cold breaks sample

    At 1.27

    Kind regards and respect
  7. The edge 1996 looking for the first two track. ?? Respect guys
  8. Looking for the...

    Looking for the 1st Two tracks ....... The sample acid house is the 2nd track in at the wrong speed
  9. Flying time 1998 producer Scorpio 1st track sounds a bit doom core ish

    1st track please guys
  10. Brilliant )))))

    Brilliant )))))
  11. Top thank you. Buying this now mate 100e FFS lol....

    Top thank you. Buying this now mate 100e FFS lol. Cheers alot mate
  12. X cite dreamscape 27 techno plese have a listen


    Really after the he track at 1 Min 4 seconds

    Any help would be mega

    Respect guys
  13. Sample no later then 96 we all come together as one .acid house.. DJ clarkee

    No late then 96 any one recognise the sample clarkee played it

    We all come together as one with the ultimate style of music acid house
  14. Producer and Scorpio midsummers night dream 1st track needed !! Pleae plese help

    Looking for a tracklist
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