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1st December 2014, 01:43 AM
Hu told reporters following the news reports Nanchang: 27 May, a woman Pingxiang behavior because of their wages deducted monthly unit discontent came to Nanchang to find the higher authorities should have a say, after no satisfactory reply,Les Petits zanimos (http://www.chris-music.fr/), the woman angrily climbed eight white sculpture of a bridge parapet beside want to jump the bridge.
Phenomenon: women want to jump the bridge
Around 11:55 the same day, reporters rushed to the scene to see the police are to persuade an age of about thirty years old woman. The woman sitting next to white fence Bayi Bridge, the hands tightly holding the fence,http://www.hfyuren.com/forum.php/home.php?mod=space&uid=220, shoes tossed aside. No matter how persuade the police, the woman he kept shaking his head, and let the police do not close.
Women: Hospital deduct wages for no reason
Reporters learned that the conversation with the woman, the woman surnamed Xu, is an oral Pingxiang hospital security department employees. June 24 due to heavy rains in Pingxiang, her home was flooded, temporarily in the office the hospital for a week. Later, when wages, Ms. Xu found that even in the hospital every day the price of 30 yuan, buckle her stay. When she was looking for the House leadership to negotiate when a dispute. "Our president is not only not returned the money deducted, pulling also ripped off my clothes. And more over, followed by three months,ght15e1sr的个人资料 - 北滘城市生活BBS - Powered by Discuz! (http://bbs.sdbjlife.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=2875567), I have withheld monthly salary was only 100 yuan, which has month buttoned penny is gone. My normal monthly salary should be more than 1,000. "Ms Xu told reporters.
Ms. Xu said, in desperation, she went looking for the Dental Hospital of Nanchang negotiate higher authorities,jf74sh516Ŀռ - ; - Powered by Discuz! (http://www.xiyatour.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=139892), hoping to return to their wages deducted,giubbino moncler (http://www.mdtsas.it/), but not related to the leadership to her a satisfactory answer.
Police investigation: a few days ago that the woman also wants to jump Bayi Bridge
Xu because after what police learned of their jump the bridge that they would take her to the Dental Hospital higher authorities to understand the situation, after some persuasion, Ms. Xu finally gave up the idea of ??jumping off the Bridge, under police protection in the back Deck.
Ms Xu returned to the police station and then follow the police.
According to police reports,jf17fh935ĸ - hysentel - Powered by Discuz! (http://www.hysentel.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=16315), told reporters a few days ago because of the same reason Ms. Xu, almost at the Bayi Bridge jump the bridge.
The case of alleged police Miss Xiang Xu higher authorities learned that Ms. Xu payroll deduction Stomatology Hospital reasons for Ms. Xu has not returned the hospital tens of thousands of dollars,ʾϢ - þϽѹ|Ͻѹ|ݸþϽѹ|ѹģ߳ |800ѹ| ݸþƼ޹˾ - Powered by Discuz! (http://Www.yumeiyazhu.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=70777), while Ms. Xu often work late and leave early, and sometimes does not work. While claiming to be ripped off clothes Ms. Xu president, the police learned that the situation is a threat to the President Ms. Xu ripped off his own clothes. For such a big case out of both sides,air max classic pas cher (http://www.peche-plaisir.fr), police said would further investigation.
Man rescued pay talks not want to jump
News newspaper Yichun condition Wenting, reporters Chenguo Ju reports: on the 27th, in the County of Jesus blessing Creek Road City area, a man convicted of pay talks to no avail, climb tall buildings want to commit suicide. 110 by the county Fire and rescue patrol together, the man from the tower successfully rescued.
15 pm the same day, a man suddenly came to the area of ??the top of a building is not completed. Yifeng 110 patrol after receiving the alarm,hogan outlet (http://www.comboniani.it/), immediately came to the man beside constant persuasion. And the man with his hands clutching the edge of the building, his mouth kept shouting "do not tell you that,parajumpers jakke salg (http://www.butikkreatywny.eu/), to call the boss! ......" Very emotional man downstairs gathered a lot of the crowd gathered. A few minutes later, the county fire brigade officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, rescue cushions rapid rise in the ground, and in collaboration with 110 patrol division. Ten minutes later,Chaussure Louboutin Pas Cher,Christian Louboutin Femme Soldes France (http://www.mediationfamiliale-savoie.fr/),jf97qh284的空间 - 3D纸模网 - (http://www.3dzhimo.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=479336), the man was jumping from 110 patrol the edge onto the floor near the fence, firefighters took the opportunity of a hanging man pulled out a foot, the man successfully rescued.
Editor's Notes
Difficulties can be resolved not jumping,tn femme pas cher (http://www.manguy-et-associes.fr)!
Open daily newspapers,nike tn (http://www.shinsekai-no-tabi.fr),Nj4bC2JW0E - Ĭϰ - Ʊ - ֣Ʊз (http://zjbuheng.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=30839), bursts can see the "jumping" and I believe there have wanted to jump in, there are many that show. Whether really want to jump, or show,air max pas cher femme (http://www.tourte-motos-boutique.fr), life should not be treated this way. There are many difficulties in life, method than problems, we always going to want to solve the problem,spaccio woolrich (http://www.icsommariva.it/set.php?w=72), rather than evade, bitter over that sweet; life is not a "show jumping",ght10e8yl的个人资料 - 追风论坛 - Powered by Discuz! (http://bbs.zfsport.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=21779), "jumping show" not be able to really solve the problem . Feelings of failure "jumping" back at you, but the heart is not around what's the use? Wages did not jump,moncler outlet (http://theneweb.it/), you can skip the floor wage back? ...... Police said jumped to seriously affect the normal social order, the relevant departments in accordance with law "jumping man" for punishment. I hope all the "jumping" and able to live a normal way to solve the difficulties encountered,tn requin pas cher (http://www.shinsekai-no-tabi.fr), and not to take life a joke.