View Full Version : 95 jungle / tech-step ID needed...

24th January 2010, 04:09 AM
I've been trying to ID this bugger for ages & it's really starting to bug the hell out of me now! Hope you guys over here can help me...

The DJ chops the vocal over it from Asylum - Da Bass II Dark, its the other track I'm after...

zSHARE - tech-step ID.mp3 (http://www.zshare.net/audio/71365520bac5f8ba/)

10th February 2010, 09:00 PM
Bump! Someone must know this:confused:

2nd March 2010, 12:59 PM
Sorry I don't know. But I would sure like to find out too. Awesome track. Reminds me a bit of Deeperheightz - The Blackness.

14th November 2010, 02:14 AM
file not hosted any more!