1. Please use tuneID's onboard uploader for attaching your music samples to threads (you can upload up to 1.5mb). People tend to ignore samples using upload sites, and links to external mixes.

2. If you upload a clip, try and keep it about a minute long and at a low bitrate, (32kbps to 56kbps is suitable). This makes it easier and quicker to download for peeps to listen to it. Also try and include the main riff/vocal or chorus in the sample, this in turn can help jog the person's memory into identifying your tune. (Programs like Sound Forge and Cool Edit can lower the quality of your tune sample)

3. If you can't provide a clip, try and describe as much about the tune as you can. Male / Female singer / Style of Music / Year etc. Even which D.J played it and what tape you heard it on can help.

4. If you are unable to lower the quality/bitrate of the tune you want identifying, keep your sample short, but again try and include the main riff/vocal or chorus to help the i.d'er.

5. If posting samples on a thread, keep to a maximum of 10 clips/samples/rips per thread, this makes it easier for the person to identify which samples have been correctly i.d'ed and prevent the thread becoming a jumbled up mess.

6. If posting a DISCOGS link to the correctly identified tune, please include the 'artist and title' in the post. This will make it easier to search for later on, if need be.

7. A lot of hard work goes into trying to identify your tune, people do actually go out of there way on here to identify your tune and help sort you out with it.

So please, say thanks to the person who ID's your tune.