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This is a discussion on q6TzkOyVi7 within the Sounds Of The 70's music genre on tuneID.com; September 5 ,, when dying rescued after suicide. Reporters learned yesterday, jf84kh887的空间 - 易速论坛 - Powered by Discuz! , the multi-snooping, affecting many families ...

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September 5 ,, when dying rescued after suicide. Reporters learned yesterday,jf84kh887的空间 - 易速论坛 - Powered by Discuz!, the multi-snooping, affecting many families concerned WUDING Village Nanjing female murder suspect Mr. Hong finally spoke to the police account that he came from a small town in northern Jiangsu, married into the city from the countryside has been an inferiority complex, and her husband season After a married, my husband who has been on their own prejudice, home,ght30e3jvĸ - *ó - Powered by Discuz!, husband, son, and the old lady across all when she does not exist. And just yesterday, Mr. Hong's sister,spaccio hogan on line, said the initiative rebellion to the reporter, her sister but had stimulated a fire,moncler outlet, suspected to be suffering from mental illness is too strong to the hospital for treatment. This is how back thing?
Hospital treatment
Mr. Hong spoke up, saying to her husband's family has always been biased
After the murder WUDING Village, this reporter visited several times and has been concerned about the progress of the rescue to kill himself to kill the female suspects Mr. Hong, September 7 Japanese newspaper A13 version tracking reports: "After first aid, Mr. Hong was transferred to the intensive care unit, according to Chen introduction of Critical Care Medicine, Mr. Hong was about to wake up at 4:00 on the 6th. Vital signs good, you can talk and eat, but Mr. Hong has refused to communicate with the outside world, he is not eating initiative. hospital may only take a nasogastric. According to the police,http://www.kunlunedu.net/bbs/home.ph...ce&uid=4146042, due to surgical reasons, Mr. Hong is still not fully speak and recorded statements. "When the reporter then visited Mr. Hong, Nanjing TCM Hospital ICU ward police suspect Mr. Hong has been implemented monitoring, reporters can shoot through the glass hung a picture of a door in the ICU ward. And when reporters visited again yesterday and found the police force from one to three, and even health care professionals do not dare to say the situation. Reporters learned that multi-snooping, Mr. Hong finally opening the police said he was from a small town in northern Jiangsu, married into the city from the countryside has been a sense of inferiority, had married love is not in favor of the family of her husband, married her husband flourishing, always feel in-laws who come on their own in a rural wife always biased. Mr. Hong old lady often cook for her husband and son to eat,basket nike requin homme, just not the wife of Mr. Hong envy. Besides Mr. Hong's son due to large long-term parental grandmother, the mother is indifferent to his own, and even the New Year holidays, and often is a father and son into her season before, a man had Mr. Hong. So Mr. Hong stall to make money in the Confucius Temple, posters tried to prove that he is fully capable of foothold cities. As Mr. Hong is how Dong Daozi her husband and son, the police only willing to reveal: "crimes of passion because of family conflicts sky."
Mr. Hong Sister
Sister had suffered from mental illness because of a fire
Yesterday afternoon, the suspect Mr. Hong's sister proactive telephone call to reporters, broke a "shaking insider": Mr. Hong sister more than 20 years old,chaussures tn pas cher, had been working in Yancheng a mall. One night the mall suddenly fires frightened because her sister over being scared crazy, also was sent to the psychiatric hospital before. "If indeed belong to my sister shot to kill, and I suspect this is very likely to stimulate family season after being triggered her illness, before making such a move." Mr. Hong's sister, so speculation Road.
According to Mr. Hong's sister introduced Mr. Hong was at work in this mall, is a parking lot behind the mall plus warehouse, next to her dormitory. After that time the fire, someone hit the door to call her, stumbled, she saw not far in front of the fire Jumping dozen meters, suddenly screamed into tears,ght40e3ej TANCET Exam Discussion Forum, and then running around wildly, not self-sustaining. For several days, one encounters someone touch her or speak, she jumped up and run around nervously, resort, family, Mr. Hong was tied with a rope, a mental hospital for treatment. Before long, she could escape from the hospital, the family could not find.
"I went back home helped look for, and finally found her in the outskirts of Yancheng, and after took her to Nanjing to treat." Mr. Hong's sister told reporters that she remembered her sister was found in the vicinity of Yancheng Longgang, Nanjing to accept a higher level of professional treatment, the disease slowly began to stabilize, and then six or seven years later Mr. Hong has not sent a disease, then hung a stay in Nanjing to work, but also to help my sister saw shop. Around 1999, Mr. Hong's sister newspaper to see the marriage of information a season, so applicants are encouraged sister. Subsequently, after the flood season two links meet each other feel good, and soon after married. "When married, my sister, 30 years old, and already 37 years old small quarter." Mr. Hong's sister, said her sister and later gave birth to a child, she and her family will take over their confinement, for fear of the future in close contact with his sister, Mr. Hong-laws will not be happy, so nearly 10 years without a flash mutual door contacts.
Mr. Hong's sister, and now suddenly throws his sister had suffered from mental illness, whether exculpatory for suspected sister? Mr. Hong sister explained to reporters after Wuding Village murder, the police was looking for her and her parents in Nanjing, saying "my sister after a fight with her husband's family were away from home, taking care of his son currently grandmother." They learn to relevant circumstances. Mr. Hong was at the side of her sister on parents said,scarpe hogan outlet, will not be noisy quarrel her psychotic relapse, and ran away from home. Later it was known throughout the plot, then they went to the hospital to visit her sister had asked her husband and son are not her hands and kill, but sister biting his lips tightly, but said nothing.
"My sister is not ever suffered from mental illness,chaussures tn pas cher, to the vicinity of my home and Longgang Yancheng investigation will know." Mr. Hong's sister, said the fact that the police identified the need,basket jordan pas cher, she just had provided about this and did not disclose the inside information. In this regard, currently still under investigation, police said. And Mr. Hong's sister called,parajumpers jakke salg, for this case, the police have promised will be a program for identification. But the reporter has not been confirmed by the police.
And reporters yesterday in an interview Wuding Village, neighbors said,tiffany outlet,Y7BCvTA75h - AAԼ - Discuz! Board - Powered by Discuz!, has not been heard of Mr. Hong has a mental illness, when out of look normal, does not look like a sick look. When reporters want to look for a family season confirmation when the door closed season family refused an interview with reporters.
Mr. Hong neighbor
What specific family conflicts that do not know
Yesterday, reporters once again came to the scene WUDING Village neighbors visited Mr. Hong Lu aunt. She told reporters, Mr. Hong was busy all day doing business, home to much, and she does not have many face to face, she has a big family specific family conflict, it is not clear. Mr. Hong has not heard of these things back mentally ill. "My mother in law with Mr. Hong Yang aunt have often met her grandson while supplies to breakfast, often to me to sit here. It is common sense to speak, even if the family has another big contradiction, in front of outsiders have made seem like very harmonious least Yang aunt never said in my own wife's ill here, but Yang aunt told me about such a small thing, saying it was a year when the Chinese New Year, the family ate dinner,chaussures nike tn, hung a quarter of a husband a brother, a sister specially Mr. Hong King cup, his mouth to say something: I wish our family home and everything this time Mr. Hong face pendulum, it seemed a bit unhappy, casually said something: 'if we are not at home and the same. 'I heard Yang aunt told this thing, feeling her family might really have a contradiction. But what specific contradictions, much contradiction,jf59uh614ĸ - ˧̳ - Powered by Discuz!, as an outsider I really do not know, nor Luanjiang, clean government too hard chores ah . "
"Quarter family will not be because Mr. Hong is a countryman of her somewhat biased it?" Aunt Lu said that every family has a different idea, there is no season at home this case, she does not know. And Aunt Lu also told reporters season September 8 family cleared the accident room, threw some furniture and bedding. She also heard that the father and son's body at the time of September 11 has been a funeral.
Reporter Lu aunt out Shihai noted Aunt Lu hung on the door and a bouquet of red cloth strips wormwood. Aunt Lu smiled and said: "The neighbor gave me something else, that is evil in my mind with the expansive, what evil monarch, ah, we are all neighbors Well, someone is kind, I will follow them in there. . "
Finally, a grass
Crushed a camel
Psychological expert analysis "crime of passion"
For the "crime of passion", the reporter consulted Nanjing Iris Chang, director of psychological crisis intervention center. Zhang said, "crime of passion", the parties under certain external factors stimulating factor psychological imbalance, emotional control and generate crime. Passion is the manifestation of a strong emotion, and when people in the outside world a strong stimulus, recognizing narrowed, internal diminished capacity, can not properly evaluate the significance and consequences of behavior, thereby producing a sudden, transient and difficult to suppress sexual features such behavior.
The first is the crime of passion suddenly, little premeditation or preparation, often the spur of the moment,hogan milano, the moment happen. The second is impulsive. In certain accident-induced,hogan outlet milano, the actors have a strong sense of frustration, self-esteem often feel hurt, and sometimes feeling angry, reckless vent their emotions, lead to crime. The third is explosive. Usually prolonged pressure, swallow, and later suffered a strong stimulus, thereby precipitating a crime of passion. Fourth conscious ambiguity. Time of the incident, the perpetrator motivation often not fully serious consideration, or no consideration, appeared unconscious behavior dominated sentiment. Fifth,ght56e2exĸ - ̳ - Powered by Discuz!, the severity of the consequences. Although often lead to crimes of passion are just some of the household chores, but the consequent extreme emotions, but overwhelming, devastating, serious consequences. Six is ??an incentive perpetrator character flaw, a few main crime or grumpy, belligerent, or selfish, extremely jealous, or psychological abnormalities, character is not perfect.
Psychological experts said, and hung a quarter through a combination of marriage, their cultural background may have differences in love during the freshness and attract each other, but the lack of family warmth combined with each other and the modern urban life brings psychological pressure loss,http://forum.eslasia.net/read.php?ti...&displayMode=1, resulting in " defense of marriage "failed, and slowly build up of pressure can not resolve, became a crime of passion trap, that is, we often say" the impulse is the devil, "or said to be" the last one that breaks the camel grass. "
Newspaper intern reporter Fan Xiaolin Mei Jianming Shorey quarter Yuxuan
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