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Originally Posted by Mister_DJ
Superb idea getting the tracklist section opened up. I don't know if it'll be everyones cup of tea, but I've started work tracklisting the old WBMX mixes off deephousepage and would be up for adding them in, plus its a good excuse to start me trawling thru some old Eclipse tapes...
When we started the tracklist section Al asked for it to be '88 to '94 so that's all I've put in it. I do have quite a few lists i've done for pre '88 sets tho (disco, chicago house, acid.. mainly from the DHP), which I'd be happy to put up & I'd like to see the ones you've done too. Prehaps the Tracklist section could be split into 2... pre '88 & '88 to '94?

As for different genres... As said above electro/disco/soul/funk/hip hop/acid/early chicago & NY would interest me but I don't think we should go too mad at this stage & have to many... anything that doen't already have a catagory could be stuck in the Misc section.

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