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Originally Posted by Mister_DJ
Superb idea getting the tracklist section opened up. I don't know if it'll be everyones cup of tea, but I've started work tracklisting the old WBMX mixes off deephousepage and would be up for adding them in, plus its a good excuse to start me trawling thru some old Eclipse tapes...

Only suggestion to add would be poss getting rid of the dates for each section e.g some old US tunes are well before '88, Italo stuff in the early 80's and there's some old electro/disco/soul bits that sometimes get upped on the other site (ok mainly by me.... )

I'm with Mart - IMO dates are irrelevant to a point - 'genres' would probably work far better and easier for the user to best place their request.

I would like to see Italo/Disco/Electro/Funk/Soul/Hip Hop defo.

Plus how about more recent stuff?

Good work so far though with out a doubt.
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