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Default Fat Controller / DJ Hype - Equinox - 1992

Fat Controller

Shut Up And Dance Raving I'm Raving
Dune Too Much (Acid Aston Remix)
Terrorize It's Just A Feeling
DEA You Think It's Over Now? (Outta State Mix)
Unknown Artist ?? 12:30
D'Cruze I Believe (92 Revamp)
E-Lustrious On The Ragga Tip (Which Mix?)
Project 1 Roughneck
Aphex Twin Digeridoo (Aboriginal Mix)
D'Cruze Life
Blame Music Takes Two
Nookie Give A Little Love (The Not Enough Love Remix)
Two Undercover Unite
Noise Factory Be Free
Industrial Tribal Trance
Messiah Temple Of Dreams (Which Mix?)

DJ Hype

Psychoacoustic I Kommence …
Speedy J Pullover (Second Remix)
DMS Vengeance
Nick OD Jazzy Hardcore
Boomtown Production Mindforce
DJ Crystl Drop X.T.C
Nebula II C.O.D. Rider
Rhythm Section Dreamworld
SMF Guilotine
Rhythm Quest The Dream People
2 Bad Mice Ware Mouse
Dance Conspiracy Dub War (Chapter 1) (Full Mix)
Code 4 Code 4
Adam X & Frankie Bones Getting High
Double T & Mister E Multi Coloured Lazers
Cool Hand Flex Lock Me Up
Urban Shakedown Some Justice (Conrete Jungle Mix)

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