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Originally Posted by Noel
"for the past week or so we have been trying to move over the tune id forum from osa to tune id. because of the size of the attachments and the amount of posts we have in there (30,000 posts totalling nearly 3 gig in size). we havent been able to succesfully import the posts etc into the tune id database.

because of this our only other option is to make a image of the whole of the osa forum - move it over here then remove the bits we dont need. unfortunately because of this it will mean all the posts that are currently on this forum will be erased and will have to be reposted"

Once you have moved osa over here & removed everything except the id's archive, can you not import everything from the current database? It may work as it will be a hell of a lot smaller & would mean that all current posts are not lost.

Forgive me if I am talking out my arse here & this is not possible, but I thought I'd suggest it...

thats a good idea noel. il try it when i move the server across. i aint sure it will work as its been problem after problem on trying to import things over but its deffo worth a shot

nice one
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