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Default 5 Simple things to improve your chances of getting an ID

1. try and put some detail in the title of your thread ie genre and the year you think the track/s are from
(if i can see the year in a thread i know instantly if il have a chance of ID'ing or not)

2.make samples if possible, and make them about a minute long, if you reduce the quality of an mp3 to 64kbps you will get about 2 mins of track time for about 1mb of file space
(personally i wont bother with large files from the likes of yousendit or megaupload etc)

3.use WWW.TUNEID.COM's own file upload facility because no one likes to open a whole new page to hear each of your samples

4.limit the ammount of ID request on a single forum post to 10 or less (i think it gets messy after 6)

5.if you have multiple ID's in a forum post edit the original post when someone ID's a track so others can easily see whats left to be ID'd

happy hunting

ps if theres somthing else you think would make the task of ID'ing easier let me know
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