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Originally Posted by doolz
top stuff this site
all il say is keep it as simple as possible

many people dont know teh difference between say hiphouse n hip hop or chicago house n detroit techno(i know many do and that will be fine for them) also i dont know about you lot but im quite specfic in my knolwedge so i wont be looking in all the genres on teh board coz i know il have no chance.... but if peeps aint sure what "genre" summat is and put in in the worng place they may never get an id

keep it simple stupid as teh saying gos

anyway jus my pennys worth the site looks great and i dont doubt will go from strength to strength

I agree..... you can get a bit carried away putting music in a Pigeon Hole... keep it simple... even have an 'Italian' section is dodgy as some people will not know if it is an italian release or some other house tune from the early 90's.. for 'old skool 88-94 stuff' it would be simple just to start with House & Hardcore .... most people can distinguish between the the two (techno most will either dump in house or hardcore depending on how tough or mellow it is)..... have to many genres and people will not bother attempting to id tunes and then that will defeat the object of this site...
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